Design Build

The construction of recreational waterpark attractions requires a focused area of expertise. Neuman Pools, Inc. brings over 40 years of experience to your project. From concept to completion, we can meet the challenge.

· Aquatic Design/Build Services
· Total Project Coordination
· Pool Construction
· Filtration Systems
· Ride Installation
· Theming
· Air Handling Systems
· Specialized Water Treatment
· Start Up
· Operations Training/Certifications
· Service

Our firm’s diversity originates from our nationwide experience where we have worked with different climates, site conditions, building code regulations and are familiar with local building markets. This unique insight facilitates a successful project from the beginning.

Once your project is complete Neuman Pools, Inc. won’t disappear. We will train your staff in the operation and maintenance of your new aquatic system features. This continued support will help you to maintain the quality of your facility, ensure guest satisfaction and protection of your investment.

Neuman Pools, Inc. grew up along with the water park industry. We have helped develop standards in how waterparks are designed and built. Our designs include an appropriate mix of rides and aquatic features. Our relationship with ride and equipment manufactures will give your project an edge that other companies cannot offer. We have built strong relationships with these manufactures and acquire priority attention to pricing, delivery, installation and coordination.

Indoor air and water quality is as important as fun pools, rides and aquatic features. This is why Neuman Pools, Inc. also offers state of the art HVAC systems and chemical treatment of the water. The latest technologies in ozone, UV sterilization, efficient HVAC systems all work together to assure high quality air and water. As a premier builder of indoor aquatic facilities across the country, Neuman Pools, Inc. has the experience to coordinate, construct and implement these highly technical systems. Your guests will breathe easy and enjoy sparkling water clarity.

The use of space in a resort waterpark is very important. The intricacies of indoor construction require sound planning, coordination and construction. Neuman Pools, Inc. has the skills and experience to do this and get the project done on time and within budget.

Our portfolio includes a wide array of clients and creativity in:
  • Waterparks
  • Family Aquatic Centers
  • Indoor Leisure and Competitive Venues
  • Fitness and Instructional Pools
  • Health Care and Therapy Pools
  • Clubs, Resorts and Community Centers

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