Swimming pool and waterpark construction is a highly specialized field. We bring over 40 years of experience in building all types of swimming pools and water amusements to your next project-from hotels and high-end resorts to public family aquatic centers and commercial waterparks. All our pools are custom built according to each design. Our employees are highly skilled in the unique field of pool construction and have many years of experience to make the transition from concept to finished swimming pool smooth and problem free.

Neuman Pools has worked in all areas of the United States, so we have experience dealing with all climate conditions. This valuable knowledge saves you time and money when schedules are tight. We know how to anticipate and avoid potential problems that could arise, which helps get the project done on time and within budget.

We are specialists in the use of Shotcrete, a high strength, pneumatically applied concrete, that provides maximum service life along with minimal maintenance requirements. Neuman Pools does all of its own excavating, steel work, shotcreting, plumbing and filtration systems, tiling, and plaster finishing. This assures quality control, accountability, and timely completion.

Neuman Pools offers complete service capabilities, from designing and building, to warranty and startup services. Our clients can count on us to be there to ensure everything is running properly, and to train your staff in every aspect of operating and maintaining the pool.

Residential Pools
Commercial Pools